San Diego is poised for huge and exciting growth in the film sector. Where it goes from here will largely depend on the trailblazers who think big, and dare to carve out an unseen path of progress. That's who we're looking to join us. Visionaries. Our incubator program is our investment in San Diego's film future. The cost is only to cover our expenses, and allows unlimited use of our professional studios and premium facility, up to $35,000 in amenities and services, for $3,000 (payable over a 6 months membership). We've teamed with Film Consortiom San Diego to help curate select filmmakers who share our vision, and are ready to take themselves and our city to the next level. If that resonates with you, we're off to a good start. Send us your application. 


Limited number of members. What the fuck?

We're not trying to get all highfalutin and Hollywood on you, but we do take our vision quite seriously. By minimizing the number of our film leaders to a dozen of San Diego's best, this allows for each to take the fullest advantage of the opportunity and maximize the benefits and use of the facility and studio. That doesn't exactly translate to the richest in these here parts, so we can’t exactly squeeze a shit ton of money out of most local filmmakers. Yet. We'll find a way to do that later, when you're rich and famous.


Some philosophical stuff

Outliers look for opportunities, exploit them, but never take them for granted.  

Bill Gates had unlimited access to a computer lab in 1968 - Doesn't hurt to have an edge. We want to give you that. Then we want to exploit you. 

The optimal environment for growth is rife with competition, compatibility, and collaboration. That is, working with worthy opponents. 

Seek those who challenge you, not just those who affirm you.


Wachu get

  • Cyclorama wall/green screen
  • State of the art truss system and studio lights
  • Professional sound studio (which will be completed by summer)
  • Multiple film sets/vignettes
  • Unlimited access to Studio Unseen to work, edit, network, drink among other top professionals in the industry
  • Screenings to accommodate 75 guests
  • Conference room, private lounge, and large gallery for business meetings, casting, brainstorming, wrap parties, etc
  • Marketing and sales support. Studio Unseen takes a 15% referral fee for business we bring in to help subsidize our costs. See? We'll start exploiting you right ASAP. 
  • Opportunities for executive support