Film Production


Commercial work

There's no question that video advertising is essential in today's digital age. NOTHING is more effective. If you'd like proof, let us show you. We can publish a bunch of impressive testimonial quotes, but we'll let the data do the talking. Come on over. We'll make you a cappuccino, and show you. Going over analytics and statistics will never be more exciting. If not, at least you'll have a great cappuccino. 

The pros

STUDIO UNSEEN is home to elite independent videographers and animators, and masters of telling YOUR story. Let us make the match. Whether you represent a company on the Fortune 500, or you're ready to take your business or product to the next level of video adverstising, the're up to the task. 


Hard to predict what will catch on and go "viral", but this is a unique style of video marketing, and has no limits. Today's commercials MUST have the qualities that consumers WANT to view. In other words, everyday there are thousands of images flashing before our eyes, competing for our attention. And adverstisers are gettting REALLY good at it. Grabbing and sustaining our attention has never been more important, and businesses rely on visual content that doesn't only sell, but entertains, enchants, raises eyebrows, and mezmorizes. If you're looking for this kind of video, STUDIO UNSEEN is very proactive in finding those who are awesome at making them. 


Yeah, there's a way to do this one right. Everyone knows by now that the Kickstarter video has to "tell the story," and show the human side of the inventor. But there's a way to do that right, and not be cliche about it.  We've been launching Kickstarter Campaigns out of Studio Unseen for over 5 years. Quite successfully, too. We know more about this than just the video, and want to help you succeed, not just be making a killer video, but by providing you with some invaluable resources. hoot us an email and tell us a little bit about your product or creative project, and we'll see if we can help.