Visual X Contest

STUDIO UNSEEN'S visual production brand, VISUAL X, is on the lookout for some cutting edge production pieces that really show your shit. The good kind of shit, of course. The insanely creative, attention-grabbing, time-sucking, eye virus kind. Here are the rules:



  • It has to move (not just in the figurative sense).
  • Animation, short, commercial, artistic, stop motion, or all of the above.
  • Under 5 minutes.
  • Emphasis on visual over narrative, but narrative okay.
  • Theme can be anything you want.
  • Upload to a cloud service and send us a link (Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, etc).
  • Use the form below.
  • Are you willing to add our logo(s) if your video is selected for promotion or prize?
  • Are you willing to add Studio Unseen as "Executive Producers" if we help with marketing? There is NO obligation for this.


  • 10 FREE Studio sessions at Studio Unseen
  • Distribution/marketing for video
  • Invitation to join our next Visual X collaborative project
  • Cool trophy presented at the 2018 San Diego Film Awards
  • Invitations to future VIP parties at Studio Unseen

Entry form:

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